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21 July 2012 @ 10:41 pm
[In his Care] Chapter 86 ~part 1/2  
At last! The final chapter.
I'm sad to end this fic, but at the same time it's a relief since I've been writing on this story since the winter 2005 and been posting on it since the summer of 2006. I hope you enjoy the ending - I have had it in mind like this ever since I started writing. I hope it will be satisfying.
I don't know yet if I will be writing on anything in the nearby future and if I do whether it will be about Akame or some other pairing or fandom. I'll probably end up writing something at some point, though, since I love doing it ^^

For now, I will go back to Finland in a month (I miss everyone!! T______T). This year in Japan has been very interesting and a real experience. I've gone to concerts to see KAT-TUN, Tackey & Tsubasa, Kanjani8 (New Year) and TegoMasu. I have also become an even more insane Kame fangirl XD I feel for Jin and hope he'll be all right. Sorry for missing his bday, btw! And at here I have to say, I find it laughable how some fans claim Jin getting married is evidence that Akame doesn't exist and we're just paranoid. Akame may or may not exist, but I doubt the truth behind that mystery will ever get out. Japan isn't exactly the gay friendliest place on earth and it's not like a gay person hasn't lied and pretended to be straight before and married and had kids. (I'm tempted to quote House and say "Everybody lies") I personally know people like that who have later on in life come out. So the fans who actually think Jin marrying is proof of anything are just as gullible as us. The only ones who know for sure about Akame are Akame themselves. Everyone else are just guessing and that includes Meisa, Pi, TTUN and everyone else. Everybody lies. Now I quoted ^^v

Anyway, so a great year, but it has also taught me a lot and as much as I like Japan I don't feel I could settle down here as a gaijin XD Besides I miss my friends and family too much <3 And I'm planning on getting another turtle as soon as I get back. I lost my darling turtle Kiki last year. I will name the new one Aphrodite <3 She'll be my goddess ^^ Kiki is my heart <3

I have one more surprise for you readers that we will be posting on the 28th this month. It's NOT a chapter, but I hope you'll enjoy it. It's a small addition to this fic.

Title: In his Care
Chapter: 86/86
Pairings: Akame, TxT, KinKi Kids, TomaPi, RyoUchi, YunJae and many more.
Fandoms: JE, wFL, random Jboys, random Kboys and hints of tenimyu and dramas
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: please pay attention to possible extra warnings (e.g. spoiler warnings) posted at each chap, overall warnings for non-con, violence and language.
Summary: AU. Kame's two years in prison and his life after that. In this chapter the future is being shaped and somebody gets 'married'...

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Thank you, Cata, for all these years of beta-ing and supporting and being my muse <3 Love you! I dedicate this fic to you ^^

Thank you to all readers! I am amazed at anyone still reading after 85 chapters and my slow update speed. Sorry for always making you wait! No more of that. Hope you enjoy this last chapter! Please stick around for the surprise (it WILL be out as promised) ^______^

Quick EDIT before I go to sleep: Happy 15th Anniversary KinKi Kids <3

Another quick EDIT: Oh my gosh, so many have read the update already! Thank you <3
A request to all TRANSLATORS of In his Care!! Would you please give me the links to where you are translating this fic? I know most of you have given me them at least once, but by giving me them again I can see who are still active in translating and if the site you're posting the translation on has changed. I would then love to post all the links together with the surprise so anyone who feels like reading in another language (perhaps their own) will find your translations also through me. Thank you for your hard work! Sorry for writing so much =^^= Please leave me your links!

Chapter 86

Jin crossed a leg over the other, stepping to the side, and it was perfectly mirrored by Kame. The cell was small so there was not much room to escape, but Kame could keep up with this pace.

Jin’s other leg moved next, stepping to the side again and Kame copied it immediately. Together they created a circle on the floor, moving clockwise.

Sweat ran down his body. He felt hot. Somewhere in his mind Kame registered that his feet were slightly shaking, unsteady as a result of overstraining them, but with Jin looking at him like that he knew he couldn’t afford to rest. If he let his guard down for even a second, Jin would notice it and strike. He had to keep the distance between them while avoid getting cornered.

Half of the time Kame wasn’t sure if he should be looking at Jin’s feet or Jin’s eyes. He wouldn’t dare to claim he could read Jin’s next move of Jin’s face, but he had learned some things during his time living in this cell. Sometimes even Jin’s face would betray him and Kame could see when Jin was planning on attacking and as he saw that glimpse in Jin’s eyes he quickly moved out of Jin’s reach as the leader crossed their circle.

Regaining a distance, Kame started on a new circle.

He knew he’d eventually get caught. His body was tired, but he wanted to continue and then Jin made the move he had been waiting for, the one that would paralyze him and corner him. A familiar rush went through him as the leader grabbed him firmly, slowly guiding his entire body onto the floor of their cell. By controling only one part of his body, Jin had locked the rest of his limbs and there was nothing he could do to resist. That was the familiar feeling in question.

His arm was released and Kame slowly got up again, meeting Jin’s eyes.

“You’re legwork is good. Probably the fruits of your boxing. Your punches also seem to have improved in power and precision quite a bit since I last taught you in prison. You must’ve trained hard for the past year.” Jin said and Kame had to admit he liked hearing Jin say such things. “But you’re lighter and shorter than most men. Therefore you’ll need a way to beat their physical strength.”

“Boxing was the only time I wasn’t studying or working for Johnny.” Kame replied. “I took as much of that time as I could.”

“You mean, working against Johnny.” Jin corrected, winking for Kame to come closer and as Kame stopped in front of him, Jin took his one arm. “Should you get caught try to get at your attacker’s one side, shove his face away with your palm while stretching your arm out over his shoulder.” Jin explained while guiding Kame’s arms as instructed. His back was against Jin’s one side, arm over Jin’s shoulder. Then Jin grabbed his other arm. “With your other hand you twist your attacker’s arm around your waist, so he can’t use it. His free one is not threat to you in this position. Once you’ve managed so far you take a few steps away from him and with your back still against him, weigh him down. This move will force him face down onto the ground.”

“But I’ll never be able to weigh someone down all the way to the ground if I’m not heavier than them.” Kame said.

“I’m both taller and heavier than you, and yet this move works in your favour even if our positions were reversed. You have my body locked if you hold on tight enough. There’s nothing I can do in defence.” Jin said. “Now take a few steps away from me and put your weight onto me instead of your feet.”

Kame managed to take one step then moved his other leg, shifting his weight onto Jin instead and as he did he felt Jin’s body starting to sink underneath him. Amazed, he ended up on top of Jin, their backs against each other.

“This isn’t the only way you can force someone to the ground. There are many more where that move came from.” Jin said and Kame released the leader’s arm from around his waist, getting up from above him so Jin could stand up again.

He couldn’t believe he had just forced Akanishi Jin onto the ground. That caused a less familiar rush to go through him.

“Wrist locks, arm locks… You name it. I’ll teach you them all.” Jin said, streightening himself. “Someone goes for your throat, I’ll show you the move that will force your attacker’s arms to release you. I can show you how to put a man twice your size on his toes in so many different ways. The more muscle he has the easier it will be. It’s all about the right spots, the right grip and the right amount of pressure.”

Would he really be able to do all of that? Kame had felt a little strong after what Masa had taught him, especially when he had been able to use them against Jin a few times, before Jin started to counter all his moves. They had been training since they had woken up and he had showed Jin most of the things Masa had taught him.

“We’ll practice until you feel certain you’ve got them down, so when it’s the real deal you won’t freeze up and instead you’ll move according to what you’ve learned. You gotta be able to do it fast enough. Masa probably taught you some things cops know and Koichi-chan-senpai knows a whole bunch of moves guards learn. With these simple techniques and moves, you’ll get through the day in our blocks.” Jin said, eyes turning into a warning then. “But beware. On the streets there are no rules. Nobody will honor a fair fight. You use all the measures available. I know you’re the type to run into trouble first and think what you’ve gotten yourself into later, so I’m teaching you this so you’ll be able to defend yourself the next time you do something stupid and I’m not there.”

“At least I’ll be able to buy you enough time to come rescue me.” Kame said with a smile and Jin stepped closer.

“Be careful.” Jin said, his tone still serious. “If anything should happen to you-” Jin cut himself off, not wanting to go there. “I want you to call for me. If things get rough I want to come for you, not as a master protecting his boy toy, but as me protecting you.”

Kame’s smile didn’t vanish as he said, “I promise.”

“You have a good start and you’ve gotten stronger, but as my teacher in high school banged into my head, quite literally too, there are always people who are stronger than you. That message’s probably saved my ass a couple of times.” Jin said. “You don’t have to toughen up to be around us and you don’t have to change who you are. We don’t want that. Don’t be the first among us to start pretending like that.”

“I don’t care about that. All I ever wanted was for you to acknowledge me. I never needed to get better than you or as strong as the other gangsters. I just needed for you to see me be able to do something, make it through one day in your world. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll ever use violence as anything else than defence.” Kame replied and Jin stepped closer.

“Oh, I’ve seen that, all right.” the older boy chuckled. “Only those who don’t know you underestimate you and I’ll never repeat that mistake.”

Kame’s smile widened.

“Shall we continue?” Jin asked and as Kame nodded, Jin grabbed his collar hard. “If someone grabs you by the throat or the collar, lower your chin it will make it easier for you to breathe. There are a few ways to free yourself. For instance you can grab either of my wrists and twist it outwards or you can slam your arms down on mine and I won’t be able to hold onto you. Then you can either take the upper hand of the situation or create some space between you and your attacker and if you have the chance then be sure to put an object between you two as well. Now go ahead and try.”

Kame slammed his arms down on Jin’s and they were forced to release his collar, coming brushing down his chest and Jin grabbed him again.

Kame met Jin’s eyes before he took one of Jin’s wrists, twisting it outwards and slipping under Jin’s arm to lock it like Jin had taught him earlier. His movements were still too slow and too inexperienced for Jin not to be able to counter him. If Jin had resisted, he would’ve lost.

He released Jin’s wrist and the leader straightened himself again, turning back towards Kame.

“I’m getting hungry. Aren’t you?” Jin said as their eyes met again. Kame hadn’t even realized they were long into the lunch time. The excitement of getting to train with Jin had made him forget about eating. “That’s enough for today, but go over these techniques in your head and we’ll do it all again tomorrow. It’s good training for you to imagine them and the situation. Now let’s go for lunch.”

By the look upon Kame’s face, Jin could tell Kame wanted nothing more than to skip lunch to stay and practice instead. Kame’s eyes had lit up like a Christmas tree this morning when he had suggested to train Kame, something Kame had obviously been hoping they’d eventually do again. Kame’s eagerness and curiosity had led them into spending the entire morning doing just that and Jin had wanted to test what Kame could do. There had been a notable improvement since the last time they had trained. Kame had obviously sparred a few times in boxing, as the boy knew how to dodge. It wouldn’t be long till they could bring in weapons too.

He placed a hand over the blond looks and the somewhat disappointed Kame eyed him questioningly. “Good boy. You’re doing fine.” Jin then murmured, ruffling through the smooth hair and leaving the cell.

Kame stood rooted to the spot for a while, hearing Jin’s footsteps echo down the hall.

He had never expected to be so happy to hear that particular compliment. Wiping his wide smile off his face, he hurried after Jin and walked the last bit by his cellmate’s side.

“Sex or training?” Koki asked the second he laid his eyes on the pair joining TTUN by the table in the dining hall. “You look like you’ve been at either one if not both.”

“Training.” Jin replied and Kame hurried to comb through his ruffled hair.

“In that case I want to join you the next time.” Ueda said.

“Why?” Jin asked, eyeing his gang mate suspiciously.

“I could teach Kame-chan a thing or two of my own.” Ueda offered, placing his gaze on Kame then. “I box too. Someday, I want to fight you in the ring.”

While Kame was shocked to hear the request, Jin’s eyes darkened. Oh no, no way he’d let one of his gang mates beat Kame up, no matter how strong Kame had become. His gang mates still had years on Kame.

“T-that’d be…” Kame struggled to answer, just about to add ‘an honor’ when Jin cut in.

“A really bad idea.” Jin finished and Kame got up, mumbling he’d get lunch for both of them before leaving the table.

“Are you being overprotective or was that simply jealousy?” Koki asked as Kame was out of earshot. “It’s better if he faces us first than someone out on the streets who’s not looking to spar. You can’t keep him safe from everything in our world without making him feel inferior to you again and by the look upon his face just now you’re well on your way towards that disaster again. You’re walking a thin line here. Considering your past it’s a miracle he still craves to be your equal and not just takes the inferior role automatically.”

Jin gave up. “I’ll train him in here so he’ll be better prepared. When we are on the outside you can teach him more.”

Ueda beamed at Kame as he returned with two trays of lunch.

“So, we’ll be sparring once we get out and find a ring!” the gangster announced and Kame gave Jin a bewildered look.

“I don’t like it that you box and I never will.” Jin stated, shooting a pointed look at Ueda then. “And I said you could train him, not beat him up in a ring.”

Ueda turned back towards Kame. “With or without Akanishi’s consent, we’ll spar once we get out of here. What I have to teach you lies in the ring.”

Kame’s eyes travelled from Jin back to Ueda, before answering, “I’ll look forward to it.”

“You will not always get it your way anymore.” Koki said, enjoying this situation, and Jin decided to ignore him and took the tray from Kame, who slowly sat down next to him.

“But that’s only healthy.” Maru hurried to add.

“Has it occurred to you that by teaching Kame-chan all these grips and stuff, the next time you attack him he’ll be able to free himself and maybe even pin you down?” Junno had to ask next. “One night when you least expect it you might just find yourself on bottom if you teach him too well.”

Kame almost choked on his food at that. He could feel his cheeks burning up, but luckily the gangsters thought that was because he was fighting for air.

Jin didn’t seem to react much to the comment. Jin hadn’t seemed any different since this morning while he had barely been able to meet Jin’s eyes as they had woken up. The offer to train had allowed Kame in all his excitement to almost forget about last night until now.

“B-but Jin probably knows all the moves guards and policemen use!” Kame insisted the second he could breathe again. “He could counter all of Masa’s moves! You shouldn’t underestimate your leader like that!”

He realized he was lecturing the four gangsters and shut up abruptly. He needed to get a hold on himself.

For Christ’s sake Jin was the one who had been on bottom last night and Kame was the one acting like he had just lost his virginity. Though, in a way he had. Jin was truly amazing, Kame had been so sore after the first night with Jin, but Jin seemed just fine. The leader hadn’t had any problems training for hours. Well, it hadn’t been a first for Jin… Kame sort of wished Jin would show some sort of emotion right about now. He wanted to know what Jin was thinking.

Unbeknownst to him, next to him Jin shifted position uncomfortable. Goddammit, Jin had forgotten about the pain. How does Kame get along with it?

“Why is it beans again? Aren’t wFL on the outside?” the leader moaned, playing with his food and pushing the beans aside.


Jin looked up from his beans at the guard standing by their table.

“We need to talk.” Koichi said, sending a look at Tsuyoshi behind him.

Jin sighed. “You’ve already apologized enough. Besides we know you had no idea Tsuyoshi was betraying us…” Jin said, eyes lingering on the other so-called guard as he added, “again.”

This time Koichi had even dragged Tsuyoshi with him to apologize, and really dragged the other man, as Koichi’s hand was firmly locked around Tsuyoshi’s wrist. The real guard gave the other one a pointed look.

“I’m sorry…” Tsuyoshi gave up and said.

Jin completely ignored the pathetic excuse for an apology and turned back to Koichi. “You can lay it off now. You don’t have to apologize every time you see us.” Though the same didn’t apply for Koichi’s partner, which went without saying. “Doing all the shifts together now? You’re quite the team…a guard, who allied himself with us, and an inmate, who betrayed us - his circle. I hope you know if you find yourself back on death row again we’re not coming for you this time.”

“I think you would.” Tsuyoshi replied. “All of you leaders together have the power to throw me out of the circle, but you’ve never as much as discussed that option, have you? You care more than you have the guts to admit, because you know I’m one of you. Now I’m naming Koichi one of us too.”

Kame was shocked to hear that, never having known how a person officially becomes a Johnny. Did it just take one Johnny to welcome someone else into the circle? Kame had imagined the whole circle would have a say in it or that it would at least take the rest of the circle’s approval to officialise it. Masa hadn’t said anything about this. It seemed there were still plenty of things Johnny Kitagawa and his double-agent detective didn’t know about the Johnnys. Kame was relieved.

“Tsuyoshi…” Koichi said, as shocked as Kame was, and both Kame and Koichi were equally anxious to see what Jin’s reaction was to this, as Jin was currently the only leader present and therefore the one with the most authority.

“Our circle is tight. You, who have more than a junior status, have been acknowledged to make such a decision as to bring a new member in, but Koichi is a guard.” Jin said, eyes on Tsuyoshi and not on Kame or Koichi, who were practically staring at him. “You deceived us all in order to get Koichi’s job back. By officially making him one of us you’ll put him and his job at risk.”

“Toma was an official member, but Yamapi still managed to hide his identity for years.” Tsuyoshi pointed out.

“Yeah, but he wasn’t a guard. And even then it was just a matter of time before someone found out the identity of the missing member.” Jin said. “If Koichi becomes officially one of us the truth will get out and he will lose his job. You know, the one you helped him get back when you betrayed us.”

“Not with Masa running things.” Tsuyoshi said, ignoring yet another reminder of his betrayal. “Once you’re all out of here Koichi will have no one to look out for in here and Masa may need another right hand. Koichi has the chance none of us Johnnys have ever had to infiltrate enemy lines while being a member of our circle.”

“So why make him one of us?” Jin asked. “Why make it official? From your explanation I see nothing that would require making him into an official member. There are no gains, only risks.”

Kame had never quite seen Tsuyoshi with an expression like the one that briefly flashed over the gangster’s face. “Because it means something to me.”

A smile spread over Jin’s face as the gangster leaned over the table towards the other one. “You want something that proves that you and him are tied together, something that makes you more than a guard and a prisoner or partners.” The smile was still playing on Jin’s lips as Jin leaned back, eyes not leaving Tsuyoshi’s as Jin seemed to enjoy this moment when he had Tsuyoshi all figured out. “If you want proof then just get married.”

Tsuyoshi sent him a not so amused smile back. “Illegal in Japan.”

“Since when do you care about the law or what is written on official documents? Do it anyway. If it’s real to you, it’s real enough and you don’t even need to worry about changing last names.” Jin shrugged, not letting go off the upper hand he had on Tsuyoshi.

Koichi decided to save his partner. “It’s okay, Akanishi! I know as a guard I have no business joining the Johnnys and I’m more than happy to just continue-”

“It’s not like you’d be the first Johnny to have crossed over from being a man of the law to a man against the law, or in the least ever dreamt about wearing a badge before joining us.” Tsuyoshi cut in. “Koichi has every right to join as any of us. Furthermore he’s been more of a member to you than I ever have. If anything, he is already family.”

“At least he’s never tried to deceive us.” Jin agreed. “But if you want him to join, you need to get him to say yes. We don’t have a say in how you form your gang. After that, consider him a member of…whatever you two want to call yourselves.”

“You two have made quite the duo. You should think of a name too.” Ueda said.

“Or you can do like Tackey and Tsubasa and just be Tsuyoshi and Koichi or Koichi and Tsuyoshi.” Maru suggested.

“But first you need a yes.” Jin reminded Tsuyoshi with that same taunting smile. “And I have to wonder if you’re good enough to make a guard like Koichi, who wants to work honestly, cross over.”

“Is that why you haven’t popped the question?” Tsuyoshi shot back and Jin knew exactly who the gangster was refering to. Tsuyoshi turned to Koichi then. “This is not the circle you knew. We’ve changed. You said you would work against Johnny and come back here then, so join us. I don’t care if you want to work here or for Masa afterwards as long as you do it as one of us.”

“I don’t-” Koichi started, but Tsuyoshi didn’t let him finish that sentence, not liking where it was going.

“You’re already half way over. Take the last step.” Tsuyoshi said and a moment of awkward silence hung over them. “Well?” Tsuyoshi asked then, and while obviously feeling the pairs of eyes on him he forced the question out, “Do you want to be in a gang with me?”

“Think before you answer...” Jin had to comment and Tsuyoshi sent him a glare.

“As if you ever take your own advice.” Tsuyoshi shot back and Jin’s smile faltered at that and Tsuyoshi turned his head back to Koichi.

“I...” was all Koichi managed to say. The guard had been put on the spot when Tsuyoshi had suddenly popped the question.

“There’s always divorce.” Koki reminded the poor guard.


“Congratulations!” Junno piped in, the three others not slow to follow his example.

Jin sent Tsuyoshi a long smile before turning it in Koichi’s direction. “Welcome, officially, to the family.”

Kame joined the cheering TTUN.

“Okay, name!” the foursome demanded.

“How about the Domoto family?” Junno suggested.

“Or the Domoto brothers?” Koki said.

“They’re not brothers.” Maru reminded him.

“And that would make it incest.” Jin commented.

“I still think something with Domoto would be a good idea since they happen to share the same last name…” Koki said. “It’s like fate or something. A match made in heaven.”

“Let them decide.” Ueda said and AT-TUN turned expectantly towards the new gang.

“A name?” Koichi said and thought for a while. “How about KinKi Kids?”

“Kinky?” Tsuyoshi repeated. “I didn’t know you had such a dirty imagination.”

“KinKi!” Koichi précised. “You’re from Nara and I’m from Hyogo and they’re both in the same Kinki region.”

“Well, I’m fine with Kinky Kids.” Tsuyoshi shrugged.

“KinKi, I tell you!” Koichi corrected.

“That’s what I said.” Tsuyoshi replied.

Kame was happy seeing Koichi joining Tsuyoshi as a Johnny and the two of them forming a gang together, but somehow he felt a little outside now as the only one officially not a Johnny. Not that he could ever imagine that day coming that he would be one of them too. What would he be called, anyway? The Kame-chan gang existing of one member? The only gang he’d want to join was AT-TUN and the five had been with each other ever since high school. He couldn’t just barge in and their name would no longer make any sense if he did. AT-TUN would have to change it and that would mean changing the name they were famous for, the one that held power and what the five had worked for for years. He had already gone from a boy toy to a boyfriend. He couldn’t ask for anything more.

“Hey guys, guess what! We’re NewS~!” Massu, Tegoshi, Shige and Koyama suddenly shrieked as they came running down the stairs to the dining hall, behind them they were followed by the slightly less hysterical Yamapi, Toma and Kusano.

“News, meet Kinky Kids.” Koki said.

“KinKi!” Koichi corrected him.

“NewS!” the foursome corrected Koki too.

“Please stop emphasizing the s.” Jin groaned, shifting his position again.

“But we’re NewS now again!”

“Huh?” TTUN said, not following and Jin jolted up from his seat.

“Don’t tell me…” he said, eyes falling on Yamapi’s. “Did Moriuchi re-join?”

“No, but we made close allies with him and his gang. They’re in prison now too.” Yamapi replied. “Close enough that we decided to change our name back to NewS the way it was when we started with Moriuchi.”

“That close?!” Jin asked and Yamapi turned to the new gang instead.

“Kinky?” the leader asked.

“KinKi!” Koichi insisted.

“Kids?” Yamapi asked next and Koichi felt like giving up and just going with something like Domoto family instead.

“Because we were both born in KinKi. We are the kids of KinKi.” the guard tried, seeing his now official kouhais frown back at him and adding then, “Never mind…”

“Akanishi!” TTUN hissed to their leader. “If One Ok Rock just formed a tight bond with News, I mean, NewS, then that makes it two gangs connected to News…NewS.”

“…I really hate News.” Jin complained, sinking back into his seat. “NewSSSSSS~”

“One big S in the end is fine, darling~” Yamapi said, choosing this opportune moment to get on his favourite worst enemy’s nerves, and Kame watched the NewS leader lay an arm around Jin’s shoulders.

“AT-TUN doesn’t need other gangs.” Jin pointed out, always having to show off in front of the other leader. “We will kick your asses anyway.”

“Yeah! And we’ve got Kame-chan!” TTUN added, supportive.

As Yamapi’s gaze set on Kame instead, Kame quickly turned his head away from the two leaders, hoping Yamapi hadn’t gotten a glimpse into anything going on in his head. From beside Jin he could hear the pair fight in their own peculiar way and he realized that in a way he had always known. He had always known Jin was too angry when Yamapi laid an arm around his shoulders and that Yamapi’s taunting, saying things like darling, had an impact on Jin for a reason. Yamapi had disliked him for a reason, too. Yet it had all come as thunder from a clear sky to Kame when he had found out what he had already sort of known.

“Oi! AT-TUN, News!” members of Arashi approached their table.

“That’s NewS, thank you very much.” members of NewS immediately replied.

Arashi shot NewS a weird look before saying, “We’re meeting up. Bring Kame-chan.”

Kame froze where he sat. Meeting? That could only mean one thing, their escape plan. The gangs were anxious to get out of here, not that Kame didn’t understand why.

Tsuyoshi leaned over their table. “You guys wouldn’t be up to something illegal, now would you?”

“You’re one to talk, backstabber.” Jin shot back.

“Right back at you, Akanishi. How many senpais or fellow gangsters haven’t you pissed off at least once?” Tsuyoshi said. “I wonder who they would want to punish more, me or you. You’ve stepped on so many toes the only reason you’re still in the damn circle is because Yamapi, as one leader, won’t let you be thrown out.”

Jin’s eyes narrowed dangerously and knowing the start of an ugly fight when he saw one, Koichi hurried to break it off.

“Come on, Tsuyoshi, everything seems to be in order here. Let’s continue on our round.”

“Yes, let’s just turn our backs on our kouhais while they’re up to no good.” Tsuyoshi agreed, but still followed Koichi while the two gangs and the Arashi members took off in the opposite direction to meet up somewhere private.

“So…is Koichi really an official member of the Johnnys now?” Kame asked carefully as they walked and various gangsters turned towards him. “I-I mean, is that how it’s done? He just needs to get the approval of one Johnny?”

“Why, Kame-chan, are you interested in joining too?” Yamapi asked and Kame felt his face go hot, stuttering to explain he had just wanted to know how it happens when someone joins a gang of the Johnnys’ circle. Yamapi laid an arm over his shoulders, leading him down the otherwise quiet corridor they were not supposed to be in. “NewS is allied to two gangs. Wanna join us?”

Kusano was about to explode with happiness.

“Don’t even think about it!” Jin cut in.

“Well, to answer your question, any gang leader can appoint new members into his gang, but if anyone of the said new members have gotten on the wrong foot with the rest of the Johnnys or if the circle has a reason to ban a new member, we don’t have to acknowledge the new members and with all leaders agreeing we can even expel a member from our circle…even another leader.” Yamapi said, eyes still on Jin’s even though it was Kame’s question he was answering.

So that’s what Tsuyoshi had meant by Yamapi being the only reason Jin hadn’t been thrown out. Had Jin really messed up that badly with the others?

“But if you expel a leader…what would happen to the gang?” Kame asked and this time Yamapi met his eyes.

“They would either disband or be forced to appoint a new leader.” Yamapi explained. “In our circle every acknowledged, or so-called debuted, gang needs a leader.”

“How does the gang choose a leader?” Kame asked, adding, “How does it expel one?”

“Oh, various ways.” Yamapi said. “You can decide by age, contests, votes, rock-paper-scissors…some leaders have only become leaders because they whined until they were recognized by the other members as their leader-”

“I did not whine, I was appointed leader by the previous leader!” Jin insisted.

“And there are equally creative ways to expel a leader.” Yamapi continued, as if he hadn’t heard Jin’s comment. “A full agreement by all other members, the leader suddenly goes mysteriously missing, mutiny…the list is long and still a work in progress. Do you understand, Kame-chan?”

As Kame looked shocked, Yamapi clapped his shoulder.

“Of course, even though the leader appoints a member, the other members of the gang must also agree on it.” Koki pointed out. “Something you leaders tend to forget to mention.”

“What happens if the leader appoints someone the other members don’t want in their gang?” Kame asked, looking up at Yamapi again.

“The new ‘member’ and/or the leader go mysteriously missing, whining, mutiny, votes, rock-paper-”

“I get it, thank you.” Kame cut in.

“It’s a working system.” Yamapi said, appearing to be quite proud of their circle.

“What if a member wants to quit? What happens then?” Kame asked, adding then, “Voting? Mutiny? Someone goes missing?”

“No, he walks out.” Yamapi answered. “We don’t hold anyone against their will. Each member has the right to choose to join or to quit. We’re not like Johnny Kitagawa. If you quit with him you disappear mysteriously off the face of the earth. However the ex-member who squeals on us will face a similar punishment.”

Kame guessed he should have disappeared at least twice by now. He had quit, no betrayed, both Johnny Kitagawa as well as this circle. How he was still showing his face on earth was a mystery to him. He would never get used to living in between two so powerful associations that could crush him like a bug. At least he wouldn’t be expecting to be made into a member of a gang. He was probably worse than Tsuyoshi in their eyes.

“But Koichi joining was only to be expected. I just didn’t think it would be with Tsuyoshi.” Matsumoto said.

“With who else then?” Kame asked and Matsumoto shrugged.

“I thought he would join solo.”

“You can join solo?” Kame asked. “How?”

“Kame-chan, if you’re joining then you’re joining us!” Kusano insisted.

“To join solo you usually need to start at junior level and prove yourself.” Yamapi said. “You can debut solo too, not everyone’s cut out to be in a gang. Some people work better alone. If you’ve already made a name of yourself then all you need is for the leaders’ of the circle to acknowledge you. All of them.”

As Kame had learned, the circle was tight and didn’t easily open its doors to outsiders.

“But Tsuyoshi joined as a junior?” Kame asked a little confused.

“Yeah, well, he hung around our blocks a bit. Then he suddenly rose in status and was granted a position.”

They arrived at their destination, where the rest of the Johnnys gangs were already waiting. Kame wanted to fall over, seeing they were standing in the way too familiar torture chamber. Why had it become the Johnnys’ secret meeting room and how come the gangs could get here so unnoticed?

He tried to appear less nervous than what he truly felt as he stepped into the room. He wondered if the gangs had deliberately chosen this location where he had hung from the ceiling in chains in order to mess with him. In that case he was even less motivated to stand in front of them all again.

“Tsuyoshi’s getting married!” Koki announced as soon as they closed the door.

“What?” was the general response.

“Is that your idea of a member joining?” Koyama asked.

“It is when there are only two of them in a gang.” Koki said. “A bond is a bond and in their case bondage that probably involves lots of handcuffs…”

“You’re getting side-tracked.” Maru pointed out.

“Kinky…” Ryo commented.

“No, KinKi!” Junno corrected him. “They’re calling themselves KinKi Kids.”

“This should’ve happened years ago.” Takki and Tsubasa agreed together.

“Anyway, we can talk about this on the outside.” Kimura said, drawing out blue prints over a table, brushing objects used for torturing aside. “So, how do we escape?” he asked, turning mainly towards him. “Kame-chan?”

Kame stepped forward and walked over to the table. “I’ve been going over the options in my head. Since we’re so many the best way I can think of is to work the computers and blind the guards while the escaping takes place through the passages, but we need time. Even if we fool the cameras it won’t take long before the guards on patrol start noticing empty cells.”

“Which will be in every corridor if we all leave at the same time.” Morita Go commented.

“But leaving separately will make it harder for the next team to bust out once they find out about the first team going missing.” Okada Junichi said. “The security will tighten and there may even be a lockdown. We have no choice but to break out all at once.”

“Masa won’t agree to help us if it’s not on his terms.” Kame said.

“So we need a solid plan that gives us enough time to put distance between us and this place. The way back to our blocks from here is long.” Ohno said.

“A distraction?” Uchi suggested. “One that will take the guards attention and rob them of the time they usually use doing their rounds.”

“Another bomb attack would be too obvious of a distraction that they’d suspect a break out taking place.” Jin said.

“We could get someone to distract them.” Yamapi suggested.

“Then that leaves the computer job, which I assume Kame-chan will take.” Kimura said.

“Yes, but there’s a problem.” Kame said. “I can only connect to the prison network inside the prison. I can make the guards watch the same footage over and over and even leave it on replay, but if something goes wrong and they notice they’re being fooled they’ll be on our tail immediately. The best solution I can think of is for me to work on the computer and stay behind while you escape.”

“Not an option.” Jin replied.

“I could fool the guards and no one would know you had ever left for quite a few minutes.” Kame said. “That would buy you precious time, which you need since there are so many of you.”

“I said that’s not an option.” Jin insisted. “We’re not leaving anyone behind.”

“I only have two years. Compared to your sentences, that are my fault-” Kame explained, but was interrupted.

“Give us a minute.” Jin said and taking Kame’s arm he led the boy aside. “Listen, I know you feel guilty and I know nothing I say will change your stubborn mind about that, but you can’t do this.”

“If anyone was to be sacrificed so the rest can get out it should be me.” Kame insisted. “So unless you have a better idea…”

“I wasted a year.” Jin said. “I’m not wasting any more time I could be spending with you. If you stay, I stay. If you go, I go.”

“I’m trying to set you free.” Kame said.

“Yeah, well, if those are the conditions for my freedom then this time I prefer not to be so free.” Jin said. “Look, I need you in my life. And we all need you to keep the peace between Masa and us. It’ll fall apart without you. You should know we’ll only screw it up if you’re not there to keep us on the right track. And you know a lot about Johnny, having had a look from the inside. You have a year’s worth of valuable information. We should combine our powers. Not to mention your hacking skills. No one ever told you, because I didn’t want you to get caught up in something illegal and Masa didn’t want you to realize your true potential and choose to stay with us, but you have just the skills we lack. While we were locked up in here for years, you were hacking. You were up to date with the progress of technology. We had to find quite creative ways to keep up with the changing world outside and had a lot of catching up once we actually got out.”

“Wait…” Kame said. “Does that mean that… Could my hacking skills have saved me the last time from becoming your boy toy?”

“Well, I didn’t know you were that good at it…I mean, you got caught after all, but yeah.” Jin admitted.

“Then why…? You knew I was a hacker from the start. Why not see if I was to some use for you in another way instead?”

“I was more interested in taking you for another kind of test drive than hacking.”

Kame figured he must’ve passed that test since he got the job.

Jin took a step closer. “Now stop arguing with me and tell me where the passages are.”

Kame’s chin practically touched his shoulder as the boy replied, “Have you ever wondered why the corridors make that strange turn in the middle? They are among the original passages that weren’t destroyed by the bombs. We re-connected them to the new ones.”

“You’re saying we could get out of here from our own corridors?” Jin asked.

“Johnny knew about the risks of re-building them, but he couldn’t help himself in the end.” Kame answered. “And I knew that they would serve you if only as a second option to get out of here should something go wrong with Masa’s deal.”

“You came here to make sure we would be able to escape one way or another.” Jin concluded. “If Masa’s offer was to prove itself worthless you would make sure we still got out by telling us how and staying behind at the computer till we were all clear. That way we could avoid having to get into a confrontation with the guards too.” Jin guessed Kame had put in quite a lot of time in search for the safest way for them to get to freedom. Shooting a look at the other gangsters, who had engaged into conversations of their own, Jin leaned even closer to say into Kame’s ear, “I think you and I should go and have a look at the passages some night. You know, just to be sure you remember them right.”

Kame smiled. Jin’s voice told him that wasn’t Jin’s main concern. “Yes, and see if those new rooms inside the passages are still intact.”

He felt Jin move in even closer. “Do the passages still run up to the Love Rooms?”

Kame’s smile widened. “We should check that out while we’re at it. I’ll go draw the passages on the blue prints now. We can confirm their locations later.”

Jin watched Kame go and in Kame’s stead his four gang mates came to talk to him.

“Is Kame-chan acting a little differently than usual?” Maru asked.

“How do you mean?” Jin asked, not taking his eyes off Kame, who had reached the table and spread out the blue prints in front of him.

“About the whole Koichi-chan-senpai deal?” Ueda added.

“I think he identified with Koichi-chan-senpai, but now Koichi’s officially one of us.” Junno said. “I wonder what effect that will have on Kame-chan.”

“Don’t you think we should do something to make Kame-chan feel more like one of us too?” Koki suggested. “It’s not like we don’t have something that wouldn’t…”

Jin met the rapper’s eyes, knowing exactly what Koki was proposing them to do, and turning his head back to Kame, who was studying the blue prints with a pen in hand, he decided his gang was right about their idea. He nodded to them, freezing then as he saw the person he least wanted to approach Kame, apart from Kusano that is, stop by Kame’s side.

“Seems like everyone is just getting married…” Yamapi said and Kame groaned inwards. After last night he wasn’t ready to face Yamapi yet. He had barely held still as Yamapi had taunted him on the way here and now it seemed he would get even more taunted. “Though I really thought you’d be next, seeing as you were the one to catch Tackey and Tsubasa’s bouquet. Don’t let Bakanishi enjoy too many wedding nights before you get another ring. You would make a beautiful bride…”

“But not a groom?” Kame had to ask, knowing he was letting his emotions take too much control. “I’ve been training myself hard for the past year and Jin is training me now. I’m not the same boy, who acted as a temporary replacement for a skirt.”

This according to some was the definition of a boy toy.

He usually didn’t take Yamapi’s comments so seriously, at least now that he knew the reason behind them, but last night had left him in a weird mood and Kame couldn’t quite figure out why. His outburst however made it even easier for Yamapi to see him through.

“Well, there’s a change… You get offended by the same remarks I’ve always given you.” Yamapi said even more amused and Kame regretted opening his mouth. Now it felt almost impossible to calm down and let Yamapi’s words slide. “You’re not so much different now from the boy you were when we met.”

Kame bit his teeth together, forcing his eyes on the blue prints while his fingers gripped the edge of the table.

“In fact you’re even more like that you now than you’ve been for years. I can see a more dominant side of you again. I always knew you had it in you, seeing how hard you resisted Akanishi in the beginning, but then you hid it away and started taking orders. That is less like you and I always knew that true side of you would appear someday again.” Yamapi said, reading something from his behaviour. “I believe you just lost your virginity, Kame-chan.”

Kame crossed his arms in front of his chest. “I believe that happened years ago.”

“Seems like only yesterday.” Yamapi teased. “Tell me. How do you pull off being both dominant and still so innocent and naïve?”

“I can imagine you lost your sense of innocence faster than me despite we both lost our virginities to the same man.” Kame snapped and Yamapi gave him a rare surprised if not a slightly startled look. It was the first time Kame had ever outtalked Yamapi, but he didn’t feel all too proud about it as he had no choice now but to admit to himself that what he was feeling was the same pang of jealousy he had experienced last night. “I know about your past with Jin. I know you’ve slept together.”

“Oh god, don’t remind me of that.” Yamapi moaned. “What was I thinking?”

The reaction was quite similar to that of Jin’s when the subject had been brought up last night.

“Why did you never fall in love with Jin?” Kame had to ask, taking a look around and making sure no one was listening in on them before he added, “If he was your first…”

“It’s not that simple, Kame-chan.” Yamapi answered. “You don’t always fall in love with people you sleep with, not even with the one who is your first.”

Kame couldn’t partly understand that. How could someone not feel more than just the physical pleasure? At least if two people slept together voluntarily.

“If you and I slept together, no matter how many times we’d do it you wouldn’t fall in love with me, would you?” Yamapi said, giving him a playful look. “And believe me, I am good.”

Kame edged slightly backwards, making the other man behave victorious over the ground he had managed to reclaim.

“I was falling for Toma back then.” Yamapi added then, giving the ground back by his confession.

“How can you go to bed with someone while loving someone else?” Kame asked, remembering Koki’s story and how the gangster had suffered.

“Because I love Jin-” Yamapi said before he could stop himself, looking slightly bothered over what he had just blurted out. Exactly the way Jin had looked. Those two really had problems admitting they hadn’t always just wanted to rip each other’s throats out. “As a friend, of course…a best friend with whom I had a few benefits, that’s all. I don’t love him in the whole ‘I want to be with you, marry you and make babies with you’ way you do.”

Kame wanted to protest at that, though he wasn’t quite sure what he would be protesting against; something Yamapi had said or the way Yamapi had said that.

“…Not that I’ve given marriage and especially not babies such a serious thought with Toma either, but anyway.” Yamapi added then. “But you get my point.”

“Marriage?” Toma’s voice suddenly came from behind them and it was rare that Kame would see Yamapi jump a few feet high, spinning around to meet Toma’s confused eyes. “Is someone else getting married?”

“I was talking about Kame-chan and Jin.” Yamapi hurried to explain. “Where is that baka anyway…?”

Kame and Toma looked after Yamapi hurrying away from them and the situation.

“I’m always glad to find new sides of him I’ve never seen before despite how long we’ve known each other…” Toma said.

“You must know everything about Yamapi, having been his friend for so long before you became his lover too.” Kame commented.

“Sometimes I wonder, but then again it’s always better not to know everything because then you can still be surprised.” Toma said.

Kame couldn’t help shooting Jin and Yamapi a look. The leaders were talking together again. “Especially not when it concerns previous lovers… I’ve understood that knowledge sometimes even destroys relationships.” Kame added thoughtfully.

“Oh.” Toma realized and Kame hurried to place his gaze anywhere else. “So you finally found out.”

“Doesn’t it bother you?” Kame had to ask. “That Jin and Yamapi…”

“No, it doesn’t.” Toma replied and Kame lifted his head to peer into the other boy’s eyes. “It’s true those two share a very special relationship, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have one with them either. It doesn’t make my relationship with Yamapi any less special either.”

“But you knew them both at that time…” Kame said.

“I hesitated.” Toma said. “I never made a move. They became the players they were always meant to become. But what happened between those two was never on a romantic level. Their love has never been like that. Seeing them, I realize how huge of a difference there is between loving someone and being in love with someone, both equally important but so different from each other. You know that too, don’t you?”

Kame looked away again and Toma smiled.

“You too have probably had a peculiar or complicated relationship with someone else than Jin, so you know what I’m talking about, Kame-chan.” Toma added and although Kame had the feeling the gangster was referring to Masa, Kame couldn’t help thinking of two other men. “I also learned that you should go for the person you like when you still have the chance. Otherwise someone else might. I was lucky that didn’t happen with us.”

Kame guessed he was lucky then too. He had chased Jin, but given up. Jin could’ve been taken away from him at any moment.

“If it’s any consolation, they fooled around a bit, but after that they were rather at each others’ throats than in each others’ pants.” Toma said and with a smile added, “Shall we continue?”

As Kame nodded, the gangster called for the others’ attention.

part 2

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